Comunità Frizzante [komuniˈta fridˈdzante] literally means “sparkling community”. Our slogan is “making drinks to make community”. We are a diverse network of local and translocal organisations and informal groups who are passionate about the Vallagarina valley in the Italian Alps.

We want to catalyse the way we live, make community and approach social inclusion in the Vallagarina valley (Trentino, Italy). Since January 2019 we are working on designing, producing and selling fizzy drinks, focusing on participation in each step.

We are working closely with the physical place and its diverse communities, as well as many local and international partners, including a local farm, the Municipality and a UK network of fizzy drinks makers. The drinks production is a method to thrill people, cultivate relationships, stimulate local knowledge and increase the sense of belonging to Vallagarina.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch. We can respond in English, Spanish, German and French.

Interdependent project between:
– Brave New Alps, design research
– Gruppo 78, work inclusion of marginalised people
– Archittutti, inclusive architecture
– Italia-Nicaragua / comun’Orto, international cooperation and community gardens
– Ubalda Bettinia Girella, social work with young people
– Community Building Solutions, community-based tourism
– Municipality of Rovereto, office for social politics
– Valley District Vallagarina, office for social politics
– Girasole, work inclusion of marginalised people
– Cultura Binaria, free software and open innovation
– Dolomit, educational tourism
– Euricse, research on the cooperative economy
– Civic Museum of Rovereto, botanical expertise
– La Fonte, organic farm
– Nuovo Cineforum, cinema club
– Cube Cola (UK), DIY cola production
– Company Drinks (UK), participatory drinks enterprise
– Square Root Soda (UK), high-end fizzy drinks